Chief Seattle Council Service Center and Scout Shops are closed until further notice. Our staff are working from home, and can be reached via email.



Michael S. Quirk Scout Executive 206-902-2312
Chris Otto Director of Field Service 206-902-2317
Bill Beaumont Director of Support Service 206-902-2323
Patrick Nance Director of Development 206-902-2314


Field Service
Bradley Roberts Mt Tahoma
Sr. District Executive 206-902-2360
Chris McNeal Alpine District Executive 206-902-2309
Chris Otto Director of Field Service 206-902-2317
Jeff Nelson

Asst. Director of Field Service
(West Division) 206-902-2311
Jeff Weiss Kitsap District Executive 206-725-5200
Joe Gooden Scoutreach Director 206-902-2356
John Padgett Aurora Sr. District Executive 206-902-2355
OPEN Northern Trails
District Executive  
Kimberly Kanouse Thunderbird and Aquila
District Executive 206-902-2340
Koby McInnis Lake Shores District Executive 206-902-2334
Linda Smith Field Service Secretary 206-902-2303
Shana Scott Mt Olympus District Executive 360-504-2170


David Buterbaugh Camp Pigott Director 360-568-2065
Don Baeder Camp Edward Director 360-568-6295
Dale Wills Camp Sheppard Director 360-663-2223
Ken McEdwards Camp Parsons Director 360-796-4427
Melissa Ranken Camping Registrar 206-902-2342


Mary Compton Registrar 206-902-2324
Barrett Taylor Assistant Registrar  206-902-2335