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 2020 In-Person Day Camps have been cancelled

Day Camp Express Registration now closed



G'day Scouts and friends of Scouts!

Last summer we announced that we will be travelling to Australia for the 2020 Camping Season. Well, we are ALMOST ready! We will just need to load up the last of our supplies, hop on a plane with our trusty Australian guide, and off we go!! As we all know, there is absolutely nothing that 2020 can throw at us to knock us off course! During our journey we will be presented with approximately 30 activities, crafts, recipes, and challenges from across all seven continents. Participants, including Scouts and ANY parents or siblings that want to sign up, will receive a box of activities, and an exclusive t-shirt and patch for joining in our camp!


Everyone who registers will be able to pick up their Camp in a Box at either of the Council Service Centers, located in Seattle or Silverdale, on Saturday July 18. We will coordinate pickup times throughout the day. After that, they will be available to pickup during Council business hours. For Kitsap and Mount Olympus registrants, we will coordinate another way to get you your kit if you can't pick it up on July 18.


Seattle Service Center

3120 Rainier Ave. South

Seattle, WA 98144


Silverdale Service Center

10876 NW Myhre PL Ste. 116

Silverdale, WA 99201


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Day Camp Express Registration ends 6/19/2020

(So we can order supplies)





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Day Camp Express - Camp in a Box


Registration Closed

July 21










Day Camp Express

Alyshia Compton


Council Contact - General

Chris McNeal



 Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What exactly comes in the box?

A. There will be approximately 30 activities in each box. There are 6 activities involving Scout skills, 7 activities involving cooking, 5 science activities, 12 crafts, and 1 wood project.


Q. Do I need to be registered in a Pack?

A. No, the activities found in Day Camp Express are geared towards all youth of Cub Scout age. 


Q. Does the box come with activities focused on advancement?

A. A passport that that lists any Cub Scout Adventure requirements covered will be included in each kit. However, Day Camp Express will contain many fun and engaging activities that fit our theme, some of which are not specifically geared towards advancement.


Q. Are the boxes specialized for different ages of youth?

A. All the boxes will be identical in their contents. The activities are geared towards all Cub Scout aged youth. Some activities will include additional information to help youth who want to learn more. These are age appropriate for kindergarten through 5th grade.


Q. How many boxes should I order?

A. A Day Camp Express box contains activities and materials for one person. You should order one box per youth that wants to participate. There is an option to order additional t-shirts. We encourage you to invite siblings, neighbors, cousins, and any other youth who might enjoy fun activities for the summer! Youth do not have to be a registered Scout to participate in this event.


Q. Is this box designed for Scouts to do at home with their parents or with other Scouts?

A. The goal for Day Camp Express is to provide a program that could be done as a family or as a den. We don’t know what health guidelines for your county will be in effect at the time of Day Camp Express, so everything could be done at home. Some activities could be done alone or with their parents, depending on the activity. Each activity will be scored based on the level of adult assistance needed to ensure safety.


Q. Does this meet the day camp requirement for the Outdoor Activity Award?

A. Yes, Day Camp Express meets the requirements for attending a Cub Scout Day Camp this year.


Q. Do I have to do the activities during the week of July 21 - 24?

A. The Day Camp Express box will be available to pick up starting July 18, 2020. All virtual videos will go live July 21 but are pre-recorded so you can participate on your own schedule.


Q. Is everything provided in the box? Do I need to supplement with my own materials?

A. Some activities will require your own supplies if we believe they are common enough that each household has them. A list of items that will need to be supplemented will be included in the passport book. For example, we will not be supplying any hammers if we provide a kit that requires one for hammering.


Q. Will the boxes be shipped to me?

A. Due to the quantity of activities being included in the Day Camp Express box, shipping is not a viable option. You will be able to schedule a pickup at either our Seattle or Silverdale Service Center.