Chief Seattle Council Service Center and Scout Shops are closed until further notice. Our staff are working from home, and can be reached via email.



4532-49-16GroupShotThe Boy Scouts of America is an educational resource. It charters schools, religious and community organizations, and other groups to use Scouting as they serve their own members, and the community. Every pack, troop, or crew belongs to a chartered organization with interests similar to those of the Boy Scouts of America.

By making a commitment to sponsor a Scouting unit, you will help enrich the lives of youth and make a difference in the adults they will become. Your organization will provide youth an opportunity to adopt, and live by, meaningful personal standards: a cornerstone for success in life. Youth in Scouting develop into responsible leaders with integrity who show reverence to their God, and respect for their country.

Your Organization Benefits:

  • Your organization is providing service to the community by offering a time-tested, high-quality youth program.

  • Your organization is fulfilling its mission, and has strengthened community outreach.

  • Your organization has greater potential for increasing and strengthening its membership by developing more responsible young adults.

You are invited to Join Us.

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